NEWS: PwC invests with strategic stake in THINKERBELL

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We can happily announce today that PwC Australia has today taken a minority investment in Thinkerbell. This new partnership will allow us to continue to build as we help our clients find their inner magic. It also opens up fantastic opportunities to share each other's knowledge bank, skills and processes as we work together.

PwC Australia’s Chief Creative Officer, Russel Howcroft, said: “It is fantastic to have an interest in one of the most exciting creative start-ups in the market. It’s a great fit because Jim, Adam and Ben are absolutely aligned with our belief in how strategic marketing and powerful ideas can drive growth.”

Howcroft said: “We took a minority interest in Thinkerbell because we wanted to give the founders the space to create the culture and build the team that they want. You don’t have to own creativity in order to access it - we’re excited about  the potential of this investment.”

Thinkerbell founding partner Ben Couzens welcomed PwC’s investment, saying: "It’s proof of how attractive our proposition is; combining the magic of creativity and the rigour of data led insights. Jim, Adam and I are stoked to be able to use this investment as a catalyst to build a great agency."

PwC’s CMO Advisory business was launched in December 2016 and works with clients across brand strategy, marketing strategy, media assurance, market insights, marketing performance analytics, marketing structure and operations.

Thinkerbell was set up in June 2017 and launched with the proposition of ‘measured magic’ with the company logo a cross between Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ - representing scientific enquiry - and Tinkerbell, representing magic. 

Before starting Thinkerbell Ferrier, Ingram and Couzens have worked on iconic ideas including the Victoria Bitter Melbourne Symphony Orchestra campaign, Share A Coke, Bonds Boobs, Art Series Steal Banksy, and the Schweppes Burst commercial.