Image of the thinker with fairy wings
Marie Curie "I don’t fear
Stephen Hawking "We’re all connected
by the internet,
Elon Musk "We’re at the dawn
of a new era,
Albert Einstein "The world’s a dangerous
place to live,
Albert Einstein "If the fact doesn’t fit the theory
Immanuel Kant "Science is organized knowledge
might as
well jump."
Van Halen
everyone will be
famous for 15 minutes."
Andy Warhol
what a way
to make a living."
Dolly Parton
we’re gonna see
some serious shit."
Christopher Lloyd
Break it like an artist" Pablo Picasso
chaos is a friend of mine" Bob Dylan

THINKERBELL represents the coming together of scientific enquiry and brilliant creativity – or as we like to call it, ‘Measured Magic’. We are an agency of Thinkers and Tinkers and have extensive experience in the worlds of research, strategy and creative execution. We have helped some of Australia’s best known and most loved brands help find their inner magic.

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